Quality, the Environment and Safety are key issues for our Group, which we address in three ways: 

• ISO TS 16949 certification:

The Group undertakes to continuously improve the quality of its products and services in order to satisfy its customers and partners. The Group also abides by customer reference systems, centred on organisational efficiency, and incorporates them in its strategic choices. The Group's organisation aims to accompany customers in their logical drive to meet the increasingly stringent needs of a highly competitive environment. 

• ISO 14001 certification : 

The Group undertakes to control the environmental aspects related to its activities and guarantees to apply the same high standards throughout the world. In addition to this standard, the Group is progressively adopting sustainable development principles.

• SNOP Production System (SPS):

SPS motivates our teams around a key goal, in line with the Group's values: "Work better, in optimal conditions, sustainably".
This system is applied in our plants via a hands-on approach that emphasises human aspects, in the following five areas:

  • Training: share and perpetuate skills through training and in-house occupational training centres (Cutting/Stamping, Welding/Assembly, Roll forming/Bending. Metrology)
  • Quality: control the quality of our products throughout the production process by developing standardised methods and resources, to become and remain a benchmark supplier to the automotive industry.
  • Safety / Ergonomics: Organise workplace changes in teams in order to ensure the physical integrity of all staff and enhance working conditions.
  • Security / Reliability: ensure the maintainability of equipment and the dependability of manufacturing processes in order to guarantee the profitability of our facilities and develop our ability to adapt to customers' needs.
  • Workflows: Organise our networks dynamically for efficient coordination of the availability of our technical and human resources, in order to work with our customers in Europe, North Africa and Asia and adapt to their purchasing policies.

Our strategic customers appreciate the sound results that we have obtained since 2007. To optimise the impact of SPS, the industrialisation processes were incorporated into the system in 2012.

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